World Oil Deals – Are Fortunes Made As Intermediary in Oil and Petroleum Trade Deals?


We call this the ethic or mentality of getting rich quickly & # 39; or "get rich overnight." That is, the notion and the thought that only the mere participation of one in the business of the oil trade, whether as a trader or broker, agent or other intermediary, will almost automatically guarantee a millionaire, in fact, a multi-million dollar station . Life, and almost in no time at all! That is an ethic and mentality that has permeated the common and psychic mentality of the middle intermediary involved, or contemplating participation, in the current business, and has been even more accentuated since the modern era of Internet commerce. In a word, it is a mindset that says that the global oil and oil trade business is a business that is full of wealth and fortune and easily guarantees the intermediary that engages in any capacity, but particularly as an agent. or an intermediary of some kind, who, as one analyst said, "you will be super rich next week or next month" by doing so.

Historically, in the past, over a period of several decades (and beyond). ), there has almost always been a considerable number of what we might call "professional intermediaries" operating in the commercial industries of the "secondary market" for oil and other commodities that are primarily but genuinely motivated by the belief or inner conviction that It works as an intermediary in the industry, a reasonable path towards an honest life that, if it does not lead to instantaneous wealth, at least to a reasonable means of subsistence and constant economic progress and well-being.

In more recent times, however, since then the adve As part of the Internet and its increasingly important role as a dominant and preferred tool to conduct business between intermediaries, it has been modified and developed, over the years , a "new generation" of intermediaries and intermediaries (brokers, agents, etc.) in commerce. Often, they receive much less education, training or apprenticeship in the trade than the previous generation of Internet intermediaries, and generally have much less knowledge and experience in the art of international trade due to the greater ease of entry into business that provides The Internet, as a group, this "new generation" of intermediaries and post-Internet intermediaries is generally less chained by the normal moral code or ethics and decency, and they are more greedy and are in a hurry to "hit it big and fast" by Simply working as an intermediary. And, more importantly, they are in a great hurry to achieve that ambitious and dubious ambition to get rich quickly, by any means whatsoever, including the scam of crude and naive international buyers, since this scheme is facilitated and facilitated. Internet and the easiest anonymity coverage that gives them.

Indeed, as many expert observers and respected industry analysts have noted, greed and mentality are quickly enriched in this difficult global economy. The times of today (mid-2012) reached a still new level, particularly frantic, since many scammers, swindlers and swindlers who, in reality, do not have real crude oil to sell, have joined the international business of selling crude in unprecedented numbers, when they see that arena. as a fertile ground for them to reach their dubious ambition to "hit it big and fast."

Robert McAngus (among many others), the Managing Partner / CEO of Robert McAngus Group, has noticed, with great endeavor, that phenomenon. In a 2004 article, McAngus expressed a rather alarming alarm at the escalation, often very unrealistic, divorced from the reality of the commissions that were demanded, or expected, in recent times by brokers and intermediaries in the oil trade.

According to McAngus:

"In recent years, I have seen how the fees charged to a possible transaction spiral up in some cases, reaching astronomical heights of $ 30 USD per metric ton that will be divided 50/50 between the buying side and the selling side, for God's sake, get a life! Or at least do the math, in a simple transaction of 100,000 metric tons using the figures I've quoted, that's $ 30,000,000 . "

McAngus continues to ask:" Please explain how, as buyers are supposed to justify that amount of money to the bank where we have our lines of credit, and maybe if I have a reader at this point, they can explain what the broker did to earn this incredible sum of money … I have no idea where the idea arises that f "Of this magnitude traders are paid in an oil transaction [came from] or, in this case , Who in the tr It will pay them, certainly not me as a buyer! "

One salient aspect of this common notion and to think is that to achieve this high financial status of instant wealth in the business, you do not have to work hard or be trained or particularly have experience and knowledge about this, but can do it doing this basically, nothing more than, perhaps, simply pushing a few false or false documents of oil trade agreements on the Internet is generally transferred to the particular intermediary of other brokers and intermediaries equally badly informed.


The main question, of course, is: How true or real is this general thought, if there is one? Do you make fortunes as intermediaries in commercial oil and petroleum deals? We are going to address this problem very soon. But, first, let's address the general nature of this thought and its origin or general origin.


There could, of course, be some other important factors and important influences to which the origins and genes of this present The phenomenon of the get rich quick mentality in oil deals could be attributable. But, for our purposes here, suffice it to say that, based on this writer's extensive research on the subject, there seems to be a dominant intellectual factor, above all, that has significantly influenced and helped many of the current race. of intermediaries and intermediaries of the Internet in the formulation of this conception of the nature of the oil trade business, and of the current mindset of greed and mythology to get rich quickly described above, which prevails widely among these actors over the oil business .

And what is that factor?

Somewhat unbelievably, that factor seems to be a rather obscure electronic book, quite appropriately titled "How to make $ Millions in oil deals". Its author is Mr. Sam Igwe, who is known as Sam Nelson, and is said to be an operator of an oil consulting service since 2003. Credible research shows that an early Internet preacher and promoter, cheap, powerful and influential In Internet. The fast-and-easy-to-serve-as-oil-wealth-is, this simple publication of Mr. Sam Igwe, aka Sam Nelson, entitled "How to Earn $ Millions in the Oil Deal". [19659003] D. The Basic Doctrine of "Get Rich Quickly Without Work or Effort" from the Nelson Publication

In fact, Sam Nelson's "How to Earn $ Millions in an Oil Deal" the publication is absolutely live up to its title like an ardent gospel that fervently preaches what the title denotes!

Although nominally declares from the beginning that the book "is not a book & # 39; Get Rich Quick & # 39; & # 39 ;, the book quickly states that" If you are looking for a safe, fast and genuine way to win a fast, stable and honest life and how to become a millionaire, I bet it's the right book [for you]. "The publication proclaims itself as" the clear path to financial freedom ", states that its main mission is to teach the reader" the long-standing secrets of how to work intelligently and become a great agent, a millionaire in a few months "." and states that "it is destined to open the eyes and minds of readers to join the team of great players in the business of crude oil. "

Regarding the amount of money that the average broker or "facilitator" should expect, Nelson states,

"• Do you know that you can become an Oil Deal Facilitator and WIN millions of dollars in a few months? • Do you know that you can become a buyer or seller agent? Do you know that you can WIN $ 1,000,000? $ 2,000,000 just for successfully closing an oil agreement in a few months? Add that you can "dabble in the Millionaire Club", that " you can change your life forever by becoming a Facilitator of oil deals and earn up to ($ 2,000,000) two million dollars in a few months … [with only] a telephone and an Internet access, your only investment is just this step step (Manual). "

Nelson sums up his doctrine of" achieving wealth overnight "in this way:

" There are millions of barrels of crude oil sold daily throughout the world. You can close a deal anywhere in the world. With just a mouse click and some phone calls plus additional smart work … you can earn millions of dollars in just a few months by successfully closing one. Oil Deal working in the comfort of your home as a facilitator. These secrets have not been made public because the participants do not want the public to learn their game. These oil giants have had the privilege of learning the game and have made people constantly. feels that one has to be a millionaire before he / she can participate. This is not true. "

E. Does not require work, does not require education or skills!

And is there any amount of work? or effort that it will take for the agent to dominate this business and be successful, from that, or from earning all that money? Is there any education, skills, knowledge, investment and experience that this requires or requires? Nelson's response to these questions is, basically, little or nothing at all, according to Nelson, "This is easy and simple! Just from your dining table, you will work at your own pace and you will earn millions of dollars in a few months. There is no hidden cost. There are no big investments. No charges in advance. (WE ARE "WE DO NOT MAKE SUPERIOR FACTS"). "


And now we come back to this central but critical question: How true or real is this general? Thinking, if there is any Basically, the question is: are fortunes made as intermediaries in the oil trade agreements, in fact?

In fact, if we put it simply in one word, probably the most fundamental and the truest thing that could be said about of the aforementioned doctrine of "getting rich quickly without work or effort" for the oil trader or intermediary, is simply that that doctrine is completely and evidently false and misleading, and is at odds with, and is directly contradictory to all the TRUTH and the REAL REALITY of the business! It is that the thinking prescribed above is clearly contradicted by the well-established, tested and proven trade doctrine that has been preached, practiced and used successfully. by the leading and most respected traders and mo ¡St experts and successful trade practitioners for generations in the industry!


Surely, many people who work as intermediaries in the business today, and a good number of intermediaries still close oil commercial businesses that are lucrative But that is ONLY by someone who, however, will already have "paid their dues" in the industry before he (she) can achieve such success and income working in the business, in terms of having acquired the education and the necessary requirements. training, skill and knowledge of the fundamentals of commerce and the appropriate rules and procedures of commerce and, above all, having acquired practical practical experience and learning and long years (from 2 to 3 years or more)) of hard work, patient and diligent in the business.

Clearly, that is very far from the Nelson doctrine described above that essentially says and spreads the thought that, as an agent or agent working in the oil world, offers and trade are almost "guaranteed" automatically to close the commercial oil agreements and to achieve an incredibly gigantic and high-stakes "millionaire" financial state of instantaneous wealth in a matter of months in the business just by the simple fact of trying it. that; and that it is not necessary that you have to work at it or that you train it or that you have special experience and knowledge about it, but that you can get so much wealth overnight, in any way, basically doing nothing, except maybe , simply pushing

Clearly, anyone who really knows anything about the realities of the business, will immediately tell you that nothing could do it. be more & # 39; Joker Broker & # 39; as the kind of philosophy that the Nelson doctrine described above. An attitude and a mentality that immediately recall this characterization made by an analyst about the central nature of the joke corridor, "Some of them [the “Internet” brokers or joker brokers] are quite entertaining [in the notions about the workings of business they typically exhibit] and remind us of the Nigerian swindlers … The world simply [just] does not work like that. "


However, such attitude and thinking fundamentally represent the kind of underlying mentality and mentality that usually prevails and controls Thinking about the majority of people who are they are attracted and attracted by entering the role of an agent or intermediary in the oil business today: a mentality and mentality that essentially considers the oil trade business as the path from the "cash cow" to the financial riches snapshots what does not require a deep learning or a set of knowledge to achieve it, a long experience and hard work, but could be achieved by simply transmitting a few copies or even Rely but never verified "documents" on the internet! An underlying mentality and a get-rich-quick mentality through intermediate work without work or study, which, although very wrong and totally erroneous and poorly informed, permeates the network of intermediaries on the Internet, and speaks of the kind of incredible unrealism, unreal mentality and difficult attitude to understand often between many Internet brokers and agents operating in the international oil trading market today in terms of the frequent presentation that is seen in their part of the offers of commercial proposals or demands that they are often impractical, totally unrealistic and unrealistic, seemingly simple diurnal dreams that are serious, clearly divorced from simple reality, and completely contrary to all well-established and well-established rules of commerce and normal ways of doing business. 19659003] H. How blind and capricious people of pure greed in this doctrine

It is a mentality and a mentality that, though rooted in the doctrine of Sam Nelson, have their greatest and most powerful impetus in a factor fundamental: the human GRAN, the FANTASY or the MYTHOLOGY! Many times, consumed mainly by the false idea of ​​becoming "super-rich" overnight from an oil deal, we find that many of these brokers innocently and naively try to close a deal for someone they believe, or just wait, to be real, but who it is, it really is not. But many times, they are too blinded and defeated by the false belief in their dream of becoming "super rich next week or next month" overnight without practically doing anything, or too proud or presumptuous, simply to accept or grant that such beliefs and procedures are simply incorrect or impracticable, so they refuse to change their way of being and continue on the same useless path of wasting precious time and time of others, for months and years still trying to push agreements that are not feasible, until, finally Finally, it begins to realize that for so long no agreements have been closed, or are likely to be closed, and not a penny of income has been earned, or it is probable that it has been won!

These warning words of alarm and the anguish of Robert McAngus, Managing Partner / CEO of the international conglomerate, Robert McAngus Group, for his experience and success in the 35-year veteran, in relation to the growing greed and demands of unrealistic level. Despite the commissions he had observed in Internet agents and brokers, it seems that they stick directly to his head:

"Having been in the oil business since 1976, many years before the birth of the Internet and Skype, I believe that I have the practical experience and knowledge and practical management skills needed to try to correct some of the misunderstandings [held by brokers and intermediaries about what they should be paid] ", as it strongly recommends runners and agents who, having come from the old school, would be strongly urged to always "THINKING ABOUT THE TREATMENT If you are a young broker or an experienced veteran, take the time to think about the process, I am sure you will realize that this industry requires a lot of work and effort, so instead of just approving the treatment of your friend Joe, together with the next intermediary friend, do a dam job and find out if the offers [are] are real or not, and try to anar your commissions. "

I. Do not even try it on your hands until you have obtained the necessary education, training and experience

Divide Pope, the leading expert in modern international business procedures, somehow discredits the doctrine of Nelson to enrich himself quickly without working or studying, elaborates:

"[If] you want to become a Doctor or Accountant or Engineer", he says, reminding us how things have always worked in the real world ", you must [first] study and go to school for many years.Then get experience.Want to become a professional intermediary Buyer / seller, the same ideal applies: 2/3 years is learning, obtaining the experience cycle and, after studying, many They will stop trying, that's how difficult this business is, but in return, if you close only ONE big business, you will make a small fortune. in a single deal. If you learn and study well, your chances of closing an offer are even 50/50. [However] If you trade without studying, your chances of closing a deal are ZERO. There are no 100% study applications in this business. "

Dad adds that anyone who acts as an import / export intermediary in global oil businesses, but has NOT done the necessary studies first, or does not apply the proper doctrine The exchanges followed by professionals and credible experts are virtually doomed to failure, guaranteed not to close deals or earn a dime in revenue, and those people, he says, should be sure that at least 99% of them "have no idea about what they are doing and they will never close an agreement even in 50 years of operations with foolish procedures such as LOI, ICPO, BCL, POP, etc. The network is full of ill-informed foolish intermediaries who think they are operating when, in fact, all they are doing is trading anything, just wasting time. "


To summarize, the The central point of this essay is that, whatever it may have been, or is, the causal source or genesis of it, whether it is traceable to Mr. Nelson's book, or the new ethics of the Internet and the generation of the Internet, or Any other corrupt or erroneous non-identifiable influence, or anything else, literally, nothing could be more perverse, misleading, wrong or unfortunate for international oil, commercialize business today, or any broker and Internet agent that operates or wants to operate in he, who adopt or buy the doctrine of fortune described above, acts as an intermediary in oil trade agreements overnight, without work or effort or education, which is widely This is the underlying mentality that operates among many of today's Internet brokers and agents. In fact, to put it even more starkly, the central point that is made here is that nothing could be more cruelly like "Joker Broker & # 39; (that is, more negative or despicable, more unrealistic and unrealistic, more damaging or destructive and counterproductive). for the best interests of the average broker and for his best chances of finding success in the business or of getting sales, closing agreements or generating income – that for a broker to operate under this type of thinking and mentality: a mentality that is completely false wrong, totally wrong and misleading, unreal, unattainable, and absolutely contrary and lacking in realities and all the rules of doing business.

In simple terms, in terms of global oil business, it is this innate belief in the doctrine described above and erroneous thinking about the real nature and realities of international trade and what should be the proper role of the commission intermediary. which in general is in the hands of the m. Our Internet intermediary, consciously or unconsciously, deliberately or otherwise, is the most critical element that explains why most commission intermediaries fail as agents and, in general, do not close any transaction or obtain much income for months. , even during years of participation. In the business. And, what is more, it is this unfortunate innate erroneous belief that they have, the most fundamental critical element that explains the terrible image of the modern intermediary of the Internet commission in the current business of oil marketing, and the horrible image and notoriety with the that you usually see them

And this is true for very good reasons and easily understandable and, to a large extent, justifiable!

Why? Simply because operating in the business based on such a misguided doctrine or mentality, or such wrong thinking, anyone can direct it directly, as it has with the intermediaries involved in the oil business. to the wrong approach and the wrong mentality and procedures for the business, and therefore to the unwanted results and to the failure and to not be able to close commercial agreements of the petroleum, nor to obtain income by commissions by its participation in the business.

The knowledge by which this essay is concluded is perhaps offered by an expert and noted author on the international trade intermediary, "There are no shortcuts in this business [of trying to work as a trader or an intermediary]".

Or, to put it perhaps even more lucidly, I myself could add this: "Either exchange with the correct philosophy and approach, or fail unhappily if you try to trade in another way!" As an intermediary (or merchant), those are your ONLY two options and certain results, and none more!



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