What Are ClickBank and Keynetics Inc?

If you have heard of ClickBank, Keynetics Inc is the responsible company. For affiliate merchants and companies that want the most efficient and profitable form of advertising available, it is the company that you need to go to.

There are thousands of affiliate programs. Members who participate in the programs earn commissions.

Some companies try to track sales made by different affiliates on their own. Some of them have good and reliable systems. But, they were difficult and quite expensive to create. They also require constant supervision.

In 1998, Keynetics created ClickBank to help businesses and their affiliates. ClickBank follows up Therefore, it is not necessary for individual companies to create their own tracking programs.

Costs for individual companies are very low. It is not much more than the amount that would normally be paid in commissions.

ClickBank can also make automatic payments to affiliates that sell the products. Basically, they eliminate the hassle of affiliate marketing, especially for the owner of a small business.

For affiliates, subscribing to programs in the ClickBank market means they can rely on accurate tracking. Instead of receiving dozens of small checks from companies that could be located anywhere in the world, they receive a single check, as long as the companies they wish to promote have registered with Clickbank Keynetics.

If you're new to the idea of ​​affiliate marketing, you're probably wondering how much you can earn. Well, it may sound too good to be true, but its profit potential is truly unlimited. The amount you will earn depends on the amount of time you are willing to spend.

The quality of the product you are promoting definitely has something to do with that. You may be able to have visitors click on the site, but they may not buy anything. Most affiliate merchants agree that the companies represented by Clickbank Keynetics offer products of the highest quality. So, your chances of making sales are greater.

Here is a suggestion for the beginner. When you see the affiliate programs available, try to find one that fits your area of ​​expertise. Some people choose the product first and then try to promote it, without knowing anything about it. That is not the most effective way to do it.

In addition to ClickBank, Keynetics Inc is also responsible for Kount, a subsidiary specifically created to protect credit card customers against fraud and help merchants with credit card processing. Therefore, all the bases are covered, for the merchant, the client and the affiliate

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