The Most Common Reasons Why Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail

With more than one billion registered users, Facebook has become the most used social networking website. Due to this popularity, many companies have started to see it as an advertising method and have dedicated time and money specifically to design advertising campaigns for Facebook. However, not all of these advertising campaigns are successful, if you have run an advertising campaign on Facebook and have not achieved the expected success, we will explain the most common reasons why these types of campaigns tend to fail and which ones you can do to solve them .

· Do not include a call to action: anyone familiar with Facebook ads knows how small the area you have to work with. Users only have 90 characters to convey their message, and due to limitations, many business owners do not include a clear call to action. Many people simply assume that readers will know to click on the ad for more information, which is not always the case. When creating a Facebook ad, you should not ignore the importance of a call to action.

· Choosing the wrong type of ad: when creating an ad for Facebook, advertisers are presented with different options. With so many different options to choose from, advertisers often choose the wrong one for their specific needs. Advertisers can choose between Marketplace ads and premium ads, and Marketplace ads are the least expensive option and offer the highest reach. These types of ads should be used for companies that try to get more likes for a specific page. Premium ads must be sued when a company is trying to promote a specific product or service. If you are not sure of the type of ad you should choose, you can use the useful tutorials offered by Facebook.

· Without adding additional value: today's buyers always look for discounts or bonuses when they make a purchase. If you do not include some kind of incentive to attract customers to your website, your ad is likely to be overlooked. For your ad to be notified by the appropriate type of customer, you must offer discounts, brochures, e-books and articles that are only available to those who click on your ad.

· How to make your ad too spam – When you create an ad on Facebook, it is important that you imagine how it will look to users. A common mistake made by advertisers is to include too much text or irrelevant images, both elements can cause your ad to be classified as spam. To prevent this from happening, you must create interesting headlines and use images that attract users.

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