Step By Step Tips To Rapidly Increase Your Confidence With Women

If you like to become a seductive teacher, you must start where you are and take gradual steps until you get where you want to go. This really is not treated too much in seduction courses and seminars.

A typical seminar pretends that any boy, with any skill level can become a seductive teacher in a couple of days. Unfortunately, it really does not work like that.

However, this really is not that bad. Because when you can walk easily and naturally and talk to any pretty girl you see, there will not be much you can not achieve. If you care what you do to make money, you can do it much more easily.

So, if it's going to take a while to get there, do not worry. You are creating an enormously effective and useful set of skills that few men possess. What follows is a simple step by step to increase your confidence.

Eye contact

Make eye contact with as many people as you can. Once you feel comfortable making eye contact with normal people, make eye contact with pretty girls. Once this becomes easy, start making eye contact and hold it until she looks away first.


Once you feel comfortable with the above, practice making eye contact and smiling at as many girls as you can. Do this until you feel completely comfortable and natural, and you are not forcing yourself.

Say Hello

Once you can smile easily, the next step is to say hello or say hello. No conversations at the moment

Easy conversations

Once you can say hello quite easily, start a conversation every time she is standing in one place. Eye contact, smile and start talking. Ask her what she is doing. Say something about what is happening. Without names, and certainly without numbers. Just open your mouth and go in and out.

Exchange Names

Next, introduce yourself and get your name. Nothing else. Speak for a minute or two. When it's time to go, just say it was a pleasure to meet you, and the farewell. Keep this until this part is easy.

Get the number

Once you talk to pretty girls easily, you'll want to start asking for numbers. Some will give them to you, others will not. It is not a big thing. The point here is not to get numbers, but simply to feel comfortable asking for numbers.

Going On Dates

Once you feel comfortable asking for numbers, you will start to get numbers of girls who are obviously interested in you. At this point, going to appointments will be easy.

The most important thing to remember is that you never go to the next level until you feel perfectly comfortable and natural where you are.

Remember, you are building an incredible and powerful set of skills that will last you your whole life, and allow you to have many girls, and earn a lot of money.

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