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Silence becomes noise. Calmness leads to agitation. Moods and attitudes change quickly and suddenly "I want it now" is the predominant cry. For mothers who stay at home, everything is in a day's work. But I'm not talking about raising children. Trading the financial markets is the subject of today.

Mom understands it. They know that nothing stays the same for a long time. They are used to making adjustments. And they have developed a deep well of patience and intuition. In short, they have the perfect temperament to trade day with the mini-Dow Jones while maintaining long-term positions and / or operations in the futures and options market of US Treasury bonds.

When I was a commodity broker, I could never understand why more women do not trade in the financial markets? They were sensible, practical and were not afraid to ask for help from a support group. In fact, if I had to do it over and over again, it would help moms form trading clubs in their neighborhoods, so that while they shared the kids' chores, they could also dominate a market and earn some money.

All mothers have the potential to be experts in financial market mania simply because children are the perfect training ground to handle chaos, illogical behavior and a lot of noise.

Mothers who stay at home who want another income stream should start by studying a single market. Preferably, a market that offers a lot of action every day. The more action, the faster you learn. That's why I mention the Dow Jones mini futures contract. This popular global market moves quickly, often changes direction during the trading day, and has the potential to make an early and fast winning move so that moms can close their business and get breakfast at the table.

Or if the day to negotiate the mini-Dow sounds too frantic, dominate the market for options of US Treasury bonds. UU it is ideal. Many aspects of the economy move this market: the same concerns that most moms share: the price of food, clothing, automobiles; and interest rates, which affect mortgages and credit cards. Mastering the T-bond keeps mothers in touch with the economy. In some cases, by developing a new income stream using options (the safest way for beginners to trade), mothers can help pay mortgages faster than the 20- or 30-year plan. As a result, they will save thousands of dollars to their families.

And, by the way, focusing on the Dow and T-bonds is an excellent way to learn, because 80 percent of the time those markets act like a wobbly swing. : when one market is up, the other is down.

Mothers do not need to spend a lot of money learning a market. There are free tutorials and cheap travel guides available online. The biggest investment at the beginning should be time. If mothers are attracted to buy a purchase program of $ 3,000 before knowing the ropes, they are already in the hole. Avoid this common error.

To learn, reserve about 20 minutes per business day. This is hard to do for moms with small children. But some of the first investigations can be done with a child in your lap. Since at the beginning it will only focus on one market, it will simply go online to see what the market did that day. Free graphics and resources are available in exchanges, such as the Chicago Board of Exchange for Dow and T-bonds, and several other websites, such as Futuresource.

Learn how to save graphics in your image file. And if you are learning T link options, cut and paste daily options data into a desktop file. This information will be invaluable when you compare price changes with actual market movements. The market is the best teacher, and it's practically free (the monthly connection to the Internet is a usual family expense these days) to see.

Finally, if you are a mom ready to open an account, do business with a company that offers online commerce, but you have a full team of technicians who answer the phone during the trading day. Keeping rates low is important in the long term. But at the beginning, you want to make sure you have a support team that is ready to help. There are errors, spills of milk. You will need help to clean up the mess.

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