Speakers & Trainers – Making Money in the Summer

As a trainer and speaker, especially if you work with teachers, administrators, librarians or other school district staff, you may have the same question that was posted on my blog recently:

For those of us who work primarily with schools, what are some of the options we have to make money during the summer months? Especially if money is still a concern, this could be a stressful time. Ideas or suggestions?

1. Summer School Presentations

Summer school sessions will begin in early or mid June and will continue for most of the summer. Get in touch with the principals who are in charge of the various summer schools in your area and offer the kind of workshops, presentations and consultations you can do for them. I think this is an untapped area. These teachers need support while they work during the summer, possibly with some difficult situations, and when they, as teachers, have had very little rest.

2. Camps

Beware, the camp season is coming! There are camps that last a few days and last 2 months and there are camps of all kinds and in all states. Do a Google search and see what you can find out. Camp counselors and children / youth could use ideas, support, presentations, etc. Do not delay if this seems interesting to you.

3. Colleges and universities

This (like many of these) has several possibilities. You could do something for the students. You could do something for the faculty. You could do something at the "University of Children" which is a special summer event. I could do something for the staff of the university / university. Get connected and find out what is happening this summer in the colleges and universities near where you live (or where you would like to go). Start making contacts. Definitely think outside the box in this (that's a tired phrase … but you know what I mean).

4. Churches or other religious organizations

In the summer, many churches and other religious groups have the equivalent of "Vacation Bible School". Then I would explore that option. There are many who volunteer their time for things like this, but having a professional come and do something is a special gift, so check that option. Also with religious organizations, there are always groups of singles, groups of parents, other people who want to learn, and you can be there to teach them (and charge for that).

5. Full-year schools

Since many parts of the country now have schools throughout the year, summer takes on a whole new meaning. You have schools that close one year in May or June and start next year in June or July (or August). In general, in the "world of school throughout the year", there is always an opportunity for workshops, training and organization (or whatever it is done). I'm doing a back-to-school workshop for one school in June and another for a different school in July. You can also do it.

Since some organizers are reading this article, I particularly want to emphasize that summer is a perfect time to talk with teachers, principals and others about how to get organized for next school year. They are a little more relaxed and think about contacting the local schools for this.

6. Open Enrollment Seminars

Choose one of the topics on which you speak and offer some "open enrollment" sessions. These can be in exchange for a fee or as a way for people to know about what you do. You can offer them as "samples" of your other work and you can use them as an opportunity to show your knowledge and some of your products.

7. Product Sales

Use summer to really increase sales of your products … and remember, you do not just need to sell your own products. You can also sell other people's products. This could include books, brochures, seminars, CDs, online programs, etc.

Recognize summer for what it is, that is, a different season for everyone. Therefore, use some new and specialized strategies when promoting your workshops, services and products, and you can earn a lot of money while making a difference for students of all ages.

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