Second Income Sources of Capital

Second sources of capital income may sound like a strange term, but if you think about it there are numerous sources of money to start a second professional career around you. You simply have to use them to your advantage.

The most obvious source is your salary. If you do not spend every penny you earn, you have extra money on the day of payment. Put all or part of these additional dollars into a savings account. Dedicate this savings account as your second source of capital income. When you find the opportunity you want to search for a second income, you can tap your savings account for the initial capital needed for the start-up.

A not so obvious source is savings or surplus stores. When I was in demolition, that's the part of the construction that destroys and seems to be the hardest clothes, I always bought my jeans and shirts at the local second-hand store. For about seven dollars, I was able to buy two pairs of jeans and five shirts. If I bought the same items at the big local store, my cost would have been about sixty dollars.

Do the calculations and you will see that I have saved approximately fifty or more dollars. That fifty dollars were available for other activities. You can do the same, even if you are not under construction or destruction. Instead of spending ten to fifteen dollars on jeans to cut the garden or weed the garden, go to your local savings store and spend five dollars.

Another source of great savings is the liquidation department of most major retailers. I found this by accident one day. My wife and I were wandering around a large retailer in the store when we were in their settlement department. Everything in the racks was reduced by up to 90%. Before coming to this department, I had no idea that this store had that department. From that experience I learned not to take anything for granted when it comes to saving money.

Today the green is big. The main issue seems to be reuse. I do not know what products will go into your home, but I would bet you have items like plastic bags that can be used for the home. I realize that the plastic bag is villianized in some places. However, it may not deserve its bad reputation.

This little gem can be used as a garbage bag for small waste baskets we have in bathrooms and kitchens to plant heaters in cold or cold weather. The money you save by not buying the products that you have purchased otherwise due to reuse can be dedicated to your second source of capital income. No amount of cash is irrelevant when it comes to your second source of income capital.

This article can not list all sources of capital, but it can serve as a brain stimulant to search your own financial home. Remember, the money you find may be the initial capital that a second profitable income company starts.

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