Residual Income Sources to Make Money Online

Residual income is defined as the income that you receive over and over again for work done once. This type of income is best associated with offline insurance agents and real estate owners who have rental properties.

However, there are several sources of residual income available on the Internet that can be equally lucrative. Residual income opportunities rarely pay large upfront responsibilities, but in the long term they pay off by sending you ongoing checks weeks, months and years after the initial sale was made.

Here are some ways to generate residual income through the web …

Health Products

Health products are in high demand on the web and this is especially true when it comes to baby boomers. Not only are boomers aging, they also have more money to spend. The good thing about health products is that a good one will provide you with a long-term client. Not all companies pay residual income for the purchase of health products, but one of the largest on the Internet does offer such treatment.

Membership Sites

For many, membership sites are one of the best ways to generate residual income. The good thing about a solid membership site is that people will stay for a long time and that means constant and repetitive income for you. If the site is really great, they will have other things for sale in the interior and will also earn a commission for those items.

Network Marketing Companies

Network marketing products are excellent at generating duplicate residual income. There are people who have been using the same products for 10, 15 or more years and are still loyal customers. What this means to you is a great money that you will receive for a long time. Many people think that network marketing companies focus solely on recruiting new members, but that is old-school thinking. If you are in a real network marketing company, moving products is your main focus and building a sales team that generates income is something that is derived from a great product or service.

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