Painting Business Plan – 9 Tips For Creating A Killer Business Plan

The ideal "painters marketing plan" should include the following components

1.) Find all the paint clients you can handle. If you know how to do it, you have it done and you can earn all the money you want. Whether it's a small paint operation of 1 to 2 men or a paint company that has a large paint crew, it can make it happen when you know how to find customers.

2) Know how to estimate paint jobs – to get maximum profits, this is the second stroke of power that should be in a painters marketing plan. When you know how to get as close as possible to the "pain threshold" (the maximum you can charge someone before the price resistance begins) whether residential or commercial, you can MAXIMIZE your earnings.

3). Customer retention: how much is a painting customer worth to you? When you know it, you will really do anything to cling to them. Finding new customers is not always as easy as painting for existing ones. If you run out of things to paint over time, how many "references" can you give? Why wait 10 years for them to call you back when you can paint for your family and friends at this time?


4) Go to the Extra Mile: always do a great job and even do a little more to please your customers. This makes you more business and makes them talk about your painting service. And "word of mouth" advertising also appears, which is the BEST form of advertising that exists!

5.) Thank-you cards: send thank-you cards after each completed work "show professionalism" and create more business for us, home painters In addition, they go back to see their contact information and file it for use in the future .

6) Rewards to customers: reward your loyal painting clients who offer you many repeat business and especially those who refer it to others. Surprise them with a gift card for their favorite restaurant, maybe.

7.) Painting Business Newsletter: it is considered the BEST way to stay in touch with your customers. Bulletins by email are the easiest to send. Physical email newsletters receive a better response than digital ones. Using both in tandem is a winner. The idea is to "stay connected" and never allow a customer to lose their contact information. That could mean getting lost in a $ 10,000 job or even MORE!

8.) Word of mouth: once again, this is by far the best form of advertising. Do everything possible to make your customers excited about your paint business (at best) and recommending new paint customers. This is the first thing an owner of a painting company should incorporate into his painters marketing plan. It's like having a small private army of affiliates selling your products for you.

9.) Offer your painting customers a recommendation fee. Offer them a commission of 10% to 20% for any new business they offer you. This could be like putting "gasoline on fire" for you. I never had to pay anyone for referrals, but it is an idea that I thought I would mention anyway.

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