My Facebook Marketing Secrets – Using Your Wall and Profile to Make Money

Facebook is a salesman's dream. Imagine meeting people from all over the world with the ability to retrieve phone numbers and email addresses from all your Facebook friends. This feature alone connects you with millions of potential customers or members for your business. And although Facebook can be an excellent place to establish contacts, it can also be a paradise for spammers.

Spam often ruins opportunities to earn money for others. Here are some ways to avoid qualifying as a spammer and capitalizing on your social network .

1. Personalize your message when requesting Facebook friends. I have accepted many friend requests, simply because I felt that I knew the applicant. Mention the name of the person and a brief statement about yourself and increase your chances of being accepted.

2. Make a personal blog A personal blog is the biggest secret to market on Facebook and other social networks. Create a blog that includes your family vacations, photos and where people can really get to know you. A personal blog gives people a look at their personal life.

3. Join random conversations. Let people know their human, visiting their friend's profile and joining the conversations on their wall . Once I sent a round-trip chat for 30 minutes about "popcorn condiment". The next day, I published a propaganda about my webinar. The answer was instantaneous! People want to connect with real people.

4. Look for people with the same interest: this may seem like a simple step, but many marketers fall into the trap of not addressing their audience.

5. Finally, publish an update at least every 3 days. This is a critical step. Consistency building relationships and trust. Remember that people only buy people they trust and like. Use these tips and you will have more chances to earn money on social networks.

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