Money Making by Going Online

With the increasing use of a simple technology called "INTERNET", the worlds have learned to make deals globally. You can find a series of commercial agreements and contracts between two people in the opposite part of the world, but who are connected through the Internet and can get the best out of each one. The same can be said about the person who tries to earn money by going online to look for work.

In general terms, you can choose any of these three ways to organize money online:

1. When selling different products on the website: Sites like eBay are the ones that are They mainly use to sell all kinds of products almost everywhere. With sites like Amazon you can sell your books to other people. This website will provide you with a virtual market to sell your things and make cash from it. They help you sell both new and used products.

2. When looking for employment online : when possible, many companies are used to employ different people online and pay them after the completion of work. You can search for employees that are in the business related to virtual products or digital services. You can find the job of website developer, software technician, creation of presentations, creation of animations, design of logos and brochures.

Data entry is something that is the most widespread work available online, since it does not require special skills other than good typing speed. Many companies are paying consumers to fill out their surveys …!

3. By becoming an intermediary (Agent): In this type of work, you are supporting another company of people or products that encourages others to buy it. Here your commission will be granted only after a successful purchase. Here it is important to look for others to buy the product, as well as to tell them to write their name as a friend of reference (sponsors).

You must have the following information to make possible the online offers and specifically the money transaction and its realization.

If the service provider is paying directly to your bank account, you must provide only two details to the employer.

1. Bank account number
2. IFSC code – Bank brand locator code

It is not necessary to provide the employee with any password, customer identification or any other code.

  • Another option is for the employer to pay you through online payment websites such as Moneybooker PayPal, etc. You must have an account on any of these websites to make transactions between different countries. After receiving money in the site account, you can withdraw the amount directly to your bank account
  • The traditional option will be to send the checks by mail to your address. Be very precise when sending your address in such case. This option is less preferable since the cost of the courier service between countries is quite high and you have to incur that cost.
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