Making Sure You’re Getting Real Teak Furniture

If you are deciding what type of furniture you will have in your home or garden, you may have thought you want the best. In the minds of many, that means teak wood. But how do you know if a piece of furniture is really teak furniture?

As teak wood is a very expensive wood, there are unscrupulous people who try to move other furniture like teak in an effort to take your money. Therefore, it is important that you know how to distinguish between real teak furniture and counterfeit furniture before making a purchase.

The Feel of Teak

The first thing you should know about teak wood is that it does not feel like other forests. Sure, it's as hard as wood, but once you put your hand on the teak wood, you can tell the difference between it and other types of wood. The most obvious difference is that, unlike other woods, teak does not splinter. If you rub your hands on the surface of a piece of wood, you can quickly know if it is false. The first splinter you get in your hand will be a quick indication.

The smell of teak

The next thing that can help you to know if a piece of furniture is real teak furniture or is not the smell. Many things have a distinctive smell. Leather in a new car is a good example of one of those scents that you know are real when you hit your nose. In the case of teak furniture, you will perceive a very light fragrant smell, coming from the wood. It is a smell of earth, but one that is different from other freshly cut forests. Teak gets this smell from the oils that are strongly embedded in the wood.

The color of teak

Teak wood is different from other woods because it can change its appearance substantially with age. Most woods change as they age only if you offer an external stimulus. For example, a dark wood can clarify if you leave it to the sun day after day. That is not the wood that changes by itself, but rather the rays of the sun that have a bleaching effect on the wood.

Teak is different. No matter what kind of environment you have it in, the teak will change color, unless you stop it. If you leave it to the sun, the colors of the teak wood will change from soft browns and oranges to silvery and white, almost in the same way that a person can get white hairs as they grow. On the other hand, the teak that is left in the shade, or stays inside, will change to darker browns and oranges with time. Either way, you should be able to identify the teak wood with the beautiful grains of the wood.

Normally, a manufacturer's teak furniture is what they say, but if you're looking to buy it in a private or antique store. , it is best to know the characteristics of the wood to make sure you get the real thing.

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