Make a Man Orgasm – 3 Ways to Make Your Man Ejaculate Fast

It's great to know how to make a man have orgasm at will, giving him total power over how long sex lasts.

Here are three ways to make your man ejaculate.

1. A good way to blow up a guy is to use specific sexual positions that make him ejaculate quickly. There are two positions that do the trick each time. One of you is on all fours, the combination of seeing your body in this position and how you feel inside means that most men only last a few seconds.

2. Another way to make a man have orgasm is to dress for him because men are very visual about sex, this works as a gift. Go to the bed in front of him and get ready, then, when you cones and remove the blankets, his eyes will open, he will be erect instantly and he will ejaculate in seconds.

3. This is the best way to make a man have orgasm, in fact you can achieve it in thirty seconds. It is a fellatio (oral) and this when done with this little advice will make any man reach the climax. Okay, all you have to do is keep the suctions short and fast, do not try to take it deep, just suck the tip of the penis, which is the most sensitive part of it. You will be surprised how quickly you can make a man have an orgasm by doing this.

There are many more forms and techniques, but of all of them the fellatio will sound its bell (forgiveness for the play on words) stronger than anything else. So, if your man has trouble ejaculating or you just want to make a man have a faster orgasm, then it is fellatio what you must master.

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