It’s Not About You! Using Your Website to Market Yourself As a Realtor

Almost everyone agrees that an effective presence on the Web is an important part of their personal marketing campaign. You might think that the purpose of a website is to promote you and your accomplishments in order to impress people to consider you as their real estate agent. However, this is not the best way to approach potential customers. Changing the orientation of your website to show customers what they can do instead of who they are is one of the keys to getting them to click on the "Contact Us" button.

"But, hey, it's my website … is not it supposed to be about me?" Not at the beginning. It is not selling to the customer, it is selling an easy and safe way to obtain the expected lifestyles. It is not so much selling the sticks and the mortar of a house, but it is promoting a certain lifestyle to its clients. If you can show them what they want to know immediately on your website, they have more incentives to keep looking.

Customers want to get what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Make it easy for them with a clean designed site. If you do not have the knowledge or the time to acquire it, a company specializing in real estate web design is a good investment. Let other people do the work of setting up a great page that looks professional!

Lists are what most people are looking for. If it makes them easy to access and search for, the likelihood of people staying and seeing what else they can offer is maximized. Give them what they want and use it to go to other parts of your site.

Your homepage is where you can show what you can do for your client. This is not the place for a great photograph of you, your family or your Siberian tiger. A small picture of you is good. Leave the rest of the space for all the dazzling details of how you can make your client's real estate transaction the best experience from the first bite of chocolate cake.

Good content on your site means better rankings of search engines and, consequently, more potential customers. Take the time to talk about what you do and why you like to do it. Tell people what to look for and avoid when buying their first home. Maintain the value of home inspections. If you do not like spelling and grammar, check with someone who knows. Your friendly web design company can have someone on the staff who can edit your information and optimize it to capture the attention of those little Googlebots.

When it comes to your About You page, do not hesitate to include some personal details, such as your avid passion for fishing or the hobby of ornamental clam farming. The person reading your site can share their interests and decide that they want someone they can talk to about them while driving from house to house. This is the place for a larger and tasteful photo of you and your anaconda pet or collection of old motorcycles.

The key to promoting yourself on your website is not promoting yourself, but what you can do for your client. Spreading your personality on the website is fine in small amounts, but the best way to get potential customers is to provide a well-designed site with quality content that attracts the attention of the search engine and the reader alike.

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