Information Marketing: How To Create An Ascension Business Model

It is very easy to create an ascension model for an online information marketing business. In this article, I will explain this model and how you can build it easily and quickly.

What is a model of ascension?

With this model, you offer products that start with a low price and then gradually increase to a higher priced Product.

This model has advantages.

As creator of the product and, in particular, for those who are just beginning their information business, it is much less difficult to think about creating a low-priced item than a higher one.

For example, a product of $ 27 sounds feasible, while a product of $ 490 may sound beyond its capabilities.

By creating low-priced products, you can first develop your confidence and also begin to understand what you can do.

For your customers, using this model helps them buy something of low price and, therefore, low risk to see what kind of quality it offers.

Obviously, your lower-priced products should reflect the quality and value your customers expect from a premium product. No matter what the price is, the quality must be the same.

Credibility Tip

Make sure that, by creating higher-priced products, you allow your customers to see them so they do not think. You are only able to produce low-priced items. This is really important for your credibility and levels of authority.

How to easily create an ascension model

An easy way to build this bottom-up model is to create 4 low-priced products on various topics in your niche and then combine them to produce the high-priced product. Another way to do this is to use the low-priced products again and combine them into a weekly or bi-monthly continuity product.

By using what you have already created and packaging it into a higher priced product, you can quickly and easily increase your product. the product portfolio and the price range of the products.

The more low-priced products you create, the more ways you can repack them into new products with different prices.

Another easy way to create a high quality product is to offer coaching and include your other products as training material to be used as part of the coaching program.

Send a weekly training and then discuss this during the coaching element.

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