How to Spy on a Computer Without Anyone Knowing

If you need to know how to spy on a computer, I'll tell you right now that it's with software. But not all are created equal … some can spy on certain activities, but not all. What's more, is that most do not do it invisibly, and this is the key here. Invisibility and stealth are paramount to the success of supervising computer activities regardless of the reasons. Why?

For example, this is not how to spy on a computer; If you are trying to monitor your child while you are online to make sure you do not go out in some bestiality porn site, you would not do anything if there was a flashing fireball of an icon by clicking on the system's taskbar. He will clearly know that he is being watched, and he will go to a friend's house to see some pornography on his friend's computer.

Obviously, this is not like spying on a computer. To do it effectively, stealth is absolutely necessary. You need to be invisible, or it just is not happening, period. For this reason, when looking for some software to monitor the activities of the computer, it has to run silently and invisibly … like the types used by companies that control whether their employees are actually working or stealing account information and files of clients for their own purposes. These software programs record everything, every detail, instant message, every press, and hide it in invisible secret files that are then sent by discreet email to the observer who plays them for viewing.

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