How To Safeguard Your Credit Card Against Fraud

Credit card fraud is becoming more serious along with online purchases that mainly accept cashless payment. Victims of this fraud must go through a frustrating and frustrating process in trying to recover the funds they lost. Therefore, you must intelligently manage all information related to your credit cards and be vigilant to protect yourself from fraud. Here are some precautions you can take to protect yourself against the risk of becoming a victim of such fraud.

1. Do not keep PIN (Personal Identity Number)

Sign the new credit card immediately after receiving it. Memorize your PIN and destroy the letters that contain the PIN. If you are changing the number to make it easier to remember, be careful not to use numbers related to your date of birth, social security number, registration number or surname.

2. Cut before launch

If you throw away any card you do not use without destroying it first, it could be stolen by identity theft and used to apply new cards for your own purposes. You will not notice it until you receive the invoice. Therefore, if you have active but not used credit cards, keep them in a safe place, and if you want to throw them away, cut them into pieces before throwing them away.

3. Check your account statement

You should check your credit card statements as soon as you receive them. Check each transaction on the invoices, if there are charges you do not recognize, you must inform them to allow the card issuer to initiate an investigation into these invalid charges on your invoices. Saving all your transaction receipts will allow you to confirm the legitimate transaction and identify the unrecognized charges.

4. Protect your PIN at the ATM

If there are people queuing on your back when you enter your credit card at the ATM, remember to protect your hand and your card by entering your PIN. Enter the numbers as fast as possible and with multiple fingers so that the people behind you do not have a change to observe your PIN.

5. Check website security before making purchases online

Before making online payments, make sure that websites have a secure payment system for the credit card transaction. Never fill out any personal information on the online order form before knowing it is safe.

6. Immediately report any lost or stolen cards

. Always keep your credit card numbers and issuers' phone numbers in a safe place. If you lost your card or it was stolen, you must immediately inform the issuer and block it to prevent unauthorized access.


With the common uses of the credit card as the main method of payment, especially in online purchases, the risk of being a victim of credit card fraud has increased. But we can minimize the risk if we take some precautionary measures to prevent us from becoming victims of such fraud.

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