How to Naturally Overcome the Refractory Period?

Well, you just had one of the best orgasms you've had in a long time, you get distracted from your lady and you lie down in bed, not wanting to do anything.

You & # 39; I've given your lady an orgasm, but it's not over yet. She starts playing with your penis, but is flexible and does not go anywhere. She starts to suck him, but still has no erection …

She looks at you with a face like "what's going on with your dick?" … And while you are ashamed and want to have it in you. .. you just can not have an erection again … and you do not feel like it either.

Sex is the last thing in your mind … eating or sleeping sounds like much better options …

But your girl is not completely satisfied … again … you feel like a total weakling. .. but there is not much you can do.

Has this ever happened to you?

If so, you are familiar with the inconvenience that is known as the male refractory period … the previous scenario used to happen to us several times … and it stinks to say the least

The pain in the known ass as the male refractory period

The vast majority of men have a refractory period. The refractory period is what hits us after ejaculating. After we ejaculate, we lose our erections, our sexual desire disappears, our penis becomes very soft and it takes a long time to harden again.

This refractory period prevents men from performing sexually as we would like. Some men have refractory periods stronger than others. This means that they feel more destroyed and have more difficulty achieving an erection after the climax.

As we get older, our refractory period also increases.

While we're young, we can have an orgasm, and within a few minutes the minutes get another erection, an older man can take up to a day or two before they can harden again after an orgasm!

The refractory period is what differentiates our orgasm from that of a woman … While we feel eliminated after orgasm, a woman does not have that period of time.

While an orgasm is still highly satisfying for a woman, it is really only heating up and can continue … hence the importance of providing a woman with multiple orgasms. …

While ejaculation in large quantities is good for male fertility, the refractory period it creates is not good for sexual performance.

How to reduce your refractory period

There are a couple of options to reduce your refractory period.

Increase your tes Natural production of tosterone: one option to quickly overcome your refractory period is to naturally increase testosterone production. There are several things you can do to increase testosterone production, such as a small exposure to sunlight every day (direct exposure to your bare back works well, oddly enough).

Eating broccoli also works well. It contains something called indoles that help increase overall testosterone levels.

What helps this increase in testosterone is to increase sexual appetite and libido. After ejaculating, you will maintain at least some sexual desire. This mental desire helps you a lot to excite and get up quickly. Without this desire, your erection will not want to cooperate with you.

Erection strengthening exercises: Another way to fight the refractory period is to perform erection strengthening exercises … there are a couple of options for this, and none of them requires medication.

You have some muscles inside your body, below / behind the base of your penis. This includes the PC / BC muscles and pelvic movement. With certain Kegel exercises, you can strengthen these muscles and help create stronger and longer lasting erections.

There are also some manual techniques that can improve the blood flow to your penis, which helps you achieve full erections more quickly.

With this

How to COMPLETELY CLEAR your period with multiple male orgasm?

Another option to combat refractory is the combination of testosterone levels, libido and better erection quality. Multiple male orgasm technique.

Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events that occur simultaneously. You can separate the two.

With a strong PC muscle and proper techniques, it can contain your ejaculation during orgasm. The ejaculation is what makes you have a refractory period and lose your erection … not the orgasm. So with this technique you can maintain your erection after orgasm, erasing your period. This allows you to continue penetrating after the climax.

And the good news is that you can repeat the technique over and over again every time you go to ejaculate, which allows you to have multiple orgasms without losing your erection and last as long as you can. you want. This technique is called Male Multiple Orgasm .

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