How to Make Extraordinary Amounts of Money with Google Adsense


Before looking at AdSense, I think it is necessary to give a brief description of pay per click advertising. The biggest and most powerful ppc system is called Google AdWords.


You will have seen AdWords in action before. These are small text ads that appear on the right side of Google search results. They are an incredibly powerful advertising method. The ads you see are 100% related to the keywords you type in a search. This means that, as an AdWords advertiser, you can show your ads to an audience that is already interested in your products or services. Never before have companies been able to advertise so specifically.

If your internet company rented vacation properties in Spain, for example, you could set up your AdWords ads to appear ONLY when someone enters keywords like & # 147; Spanish, Spain, holidays, rentals, villas, apartments, properties, etc. & # 148;

Of course, all this comes at a price. As an advertiser, you must pay Google every time someone clicks on one of your ads. Without knowing how to cost their system, the geniuses of Google came up with the idea of ​​allowing their advertisers to bid against each other for the value of their chosen keywords.

This means, if you wanted my ad to show up more often, when someone writes the key phrase & # 147; Holidays in Spanish & # 148; in Google, I would have to bid to the advertiser who currently ranks first on the list by this key phrase.

Internet has matured as a result of PPC advertising. The shameful days of the Dot Coms are far behind us. The value of online businesses can now be measured because ppc advertising is a dynamic system that reflects the real world supply and demand.

With PPC advertising, Google has allowed small online businesses to flourish, while generating tens of billions. 19659002] AdSense

With its AdSense tracking program, Google created an opportunity for everyone to participate in this lucrative market.

AdSense is an extension of the AdWords program that allows any website owner to place AdWords ads on their site. However, the difference in this system lies in the fact that the ads that are displayed do not come from search phrases, but from the content of your site.

As an AdSense user, Google provides you with a piece of JavaScript that has its unique ID embedded within it. This allows them to track the performance of the ads on your site. Simply paste this code into the html of your website.

Then, when someone sees your site, the JavaScript automatically gets ads from the Google server and places them on your page. Google does this with its advanced content recognition technology. This technology is so intelligent that it knows which country is viewing a site. Next, place country-specific ads accordingly. For example, if you had a site on fly fishing, people who visit your site in Australia will see ads from Australian fishing tackle retailers, and in the US. UU People will see ads from American retailers.

When someone clicks on one of your ads, Google charges the advertiser. Google then takes a portion of the money and gives the rest to you. Although Google did not disclose any details about its payment percentage, it is rumored that they get 32% and get 68%.

Before you start thinking: why do not I click on my ads? all day and make a lot of money? Google has thought about this and fraud by click is taken very seriously. They want their advertising system to work. You can tell if you have committed click fraud and will exclude you from AdSense FOREVER!

Earn money seriously

99% of AdSense users earn almost nothing. Paste the code on your website and sit down. When money does not appear, they think that the system is useless. This is good for us, because those who know can generate extraordinary amounts of legitimate money approved by Google.

& # 149; The key is to find a niche market and create a site rich in content and topic within this market. Next, fill in the content of your site with high-paying keywords.

& # 149; Then, through good search engine optimization and advanced inbound linking strategies, it creates a high and constant traffic flow to your site.

& # 149; Then, only after following steps one and two, place the AdSense code on your site. Add the JavaScript while using certain techniques that make the ads look more attractive. This will encourage more visitors to your website to click on the ads.

This strategy, along with careful tracking of ad performance, will ensure that you are making large amounts of money with Google AdSense.

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