How to Eat a Girl Out The Right Way

Girls love the idea that their male partner licks the vagina. And once you know how to eat a girl well, you can give her a fantastic orgasm every time you go through her. In terms of satisfaction, cunnilingus surpasses the experience of sexual relations. But most men do not know the art of oral sex and fail to make the girl have an orgasm, some even end up causing extreme pain.

This article will teach you how you can make your girl go crazy with pure pleasure using only your tongue:

Hygiene: One of the most important things to remember is hygiene. Make sure your vagina is clean, bathe together before you both enjoy oral sex is a good idea. If she suffers from a genital illness, consult a doctor immediately.

Start slowly: Do not jump directly into the vagina, girls like to be slow and steady. Also, it will be easy for you to lick it when it is wet there. Enjoy a lot of action from the previous games. Kiss her neck and shoulders, caress her breasts and play with her hair. Kissing, licking and stroking with her thighs will excite her a lot since she is very close to her vagina.

Clitoral stimulation: Now that it's wet enough for you to go for her clitoris. The clitoris is a piece of pink pea-shaped flesh that sits just above your vaginal opening. It is very sensitive and I would suggest that you use a flat tongue instead of a hard and pointed one. Wash it in circles, move up and down or simply move your clitoris gently with your tongue.

Enter her: After you've finished stimulating her clitoris, it's time for you to enter her vagina. Penetrate it with your pointed tongue and try to lick the top wall of your vagina. This is where the G-spot is, the holy grail. Licking your G-spot will send chills up your spine and make you go crazy and wild.

Extra tip 1: Most girls like the soft, wet noise you make when you lick the clitoris tongue. But do not overdo it and make loud noises, because you could turn it off. Remember, moderation is the key.

Bonus Tip 2: While stimulating your g-spot with your tongue, you will find that your clitoris is just below your nose. Breathing on this will double the pleasure factor.

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