How To Earn From ClickBank – The Way I Do It!

ClickBank is the largest and most popular directory of digital information products. There are many advantages in the promotion of ClickBank products. First, they are easier to sell, since they do not require any publication or packaging, since, being digital, you can download the product as soon as you pay. Second, another reason why people are attracted to ClickBank is the high commission. As there are no overhead costs, you can get up to 75% on most products.

So, how to win with ClickBank, you ask yourself!

Go to the ClickBank market or ClickBank analysis and choose two products. Make sure that these products have a high average severity so that you do not have much competition and make sure the product is not seasonal, which means you can sell this product throughout the year. Try to find a product that at least interests you, this way you can stay motivated when writing.

After choosing the product, place the website address of those products in the Google keyword tool and choose all the relevant keywords.

When you finish choosing your keywords go to Blogger or Squidoo and create a page for your products. The main reason for this is that article directories do not allow you to post direct links to the merchant's page.

Remember that you are not selling the product, you just want the visitor to click on your link to go to the merchant's sales page. If you do not know anything about the product, you can consult the sales pages and obtain the benefits offered by this product, or you can verify what other affiliates are doing.

Once your page is finished, it would take all the keywords you choose before, write an article for each keyword and link those articles to your pages. Do not worry, your article does not need to be perfect, you just need a short article of 300 words and make sure your links are in the resource box.

Remember, you must be consistent, that is the key, you must write as many articles as you can. Start writing two articles a day for a few months and you will definitely start to see some sales.

Thanks for reading, I hope this article helps you a little.

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