How to Earn $ 100 a Day the "EASY" Way – 1 Revenue Generation Experiment You Really Ought to Try

What is the easiest way to earn $ 100 per day online? Are you selling affiliate products? Starting a training program? Do you use Google or contextual ads to monetize your site? And what is the FASTEST way to create a highly profitable online business with an initial budget in 2013 … and beyond?

Do any of these questions sound familiar? If you are looking for a good reference income of $ 100 per day and DO NOT think it is possible in a barebones bank account, this article was written with YOU in mind.

I will quickly cover 1 super simple strategy, easy to try and apply successfully that you can immediately try to win $ 100 or more, starting THIS weekend. (no gurus, tricks or goo are required)

The best part?

It does not require you to have much money or experience, and instead of trusting me that it works … I challenge you to dive and DO IT instead.

Experiment n. ° 1: Direct redirect

What do you need?

  1. 1 domain name (can even be 99 if you can not pay
  2. 1 large volume niche (preferably a niche with millions of monthly searches – diet / dating / divorce / etc.) [19659009] 1 high conversion affiliate product with an EPC (earnings per 100 visitors) of $ 100 or more.
  3. 4 new 400 articles per day (minimum)

In short, you write articles and send them to directories that forward a small percentage of your audience directly to the vendor website you selected in the step 3.

If you choose a product or program that has an EPC of $ 100 or more, all you need to do is worry about MATH, and not about marketing.

How is that?

If your traffic is "average" (what it should be) every 100 visitors refer, using the previous approach, you MUST generate around $ 100 for you.

Your responsibility is simply to optimize, improve, test, adjust and modify your content marketing, so ASK the number of visitors per day that results in your revenue goal.

If your 4 articles per day do not generate 100 visitors? Write more articles Or improve your titles to get more exposure. Or, optimize your resource box so that more readers click and visit the offer.

Or do a little of ALL of the above … and you may need to write less and get better results.

The truth is that I used this exact approach to generate 1 million NEW readers in a new niche in just 6 months, and these articles generated more than 250,000 visitors to an affiliate offering that I was literally promoting from scratch. .. without costing me more than 20 dollars.

This approach has called many people many things over the years … and the only thing that really matters is that, regardless of what you know here, it still works WONDERFULLY well in 2013 … and will probably continue! in the years to come!

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