How Much Does Your Meal Cost? Can You Cut it Down?

You can complain a lot to your government recently for not being able to buy anything with a dollar with this economic crisis and the inflation rate. But did you know how much a US dollar is worth in each country? I do not mean conversion rate, but I mean "value". In many countries in Africa and Asia, a dollar could buy food for a week. No kidding, it's true. For example,

* In Thailand, a meal such as spicy chicken or pork rice costs between 20 and 40 Baht per serving. That's about 1 USD a meal.

* In India, food is extremely cheap. One kilogram of tomatoes or most of the vegetables costs approximately 0.28 USD, one loaf of bread costs approximately 0.23 USD, half a kilogram of butter for 1.28 USD, 10 eggs for 0.50 USD.

You can think I'm living in the USA UU I can not afford to live there alone because of the cheaper cost of living. Yes, it is not necessary to move alone to reduce the price of food. There are tips and techniques you can follow to reduce the cost.

1. Planning menus in advance for a week. You will see what items are necessary. You can compare this list of items with the weekly purchase at the best price.

2. Cut food waste. Buying food in bulk can give you bargaining power, but it will not save money if you have to throw away the garbage. Consider investing in a freezer to store food until needed.

3. Self-discipline Buy only items that you have planned. Buying on impulse can destroy a budget.

4. Use the coupons first. The coupons can reduce the total cost of groceries by 50% or more. There is a television program for women that says they can prepare food for the whole family of 2 adults and 3 children for a week with less than 30 USD. This is impressive

Follow the 4 steps repeatedly each week and then compare your receipts wherever the average cost of your meals decreases. If not, find what goes wrong every week. The first few weeks can be difficult for the beginner. You have to believe in yourself and be more disciplined. You probably consider shopping just next time so you can control the shopping list.

If you have done everything possible but still can not reduce the cost of food, think positively that you can reach your lowest point.

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