Finding The Elusive Money Making Online Business

Earning money with Internet marketing had eluded me for a long time, but what I discovered was that all I had to do was apply what I had learned by being successful with my recent weight loss. You see, I do not know about you, but staying fit and staying healthy has been a lifelong challenge (I've always tended to be on the "beefy" side). A few months ago I found a new diet and decided to try it (I weighed 45 pounds) it worked! I reached my weight goal in three months, but more than that it gave me & # 39; understanding. & # 39;

Something else had to change before I could succeed with the diet and that was what I thought! I began to understand that it was not the particular program in which I was involved that mattered as much as the way I approached it. My thinking had to change, which really had to be divided into three stages, which I call Feel-Think-Do.

Feel – I needed to feel the need to lose weight. I learned that it was good to dwell a little on the problems. Then, to think and meditate, I really get in touch with my hopes, dreams and things that I would like to achieve. I had to move my mind beyond my current reality and really get in touch with those feelings. But it's important not to get stuck there. I had to use those feelings as motivators for the action, action with a thought plan.

Think Make a plan. This involved research, thinking about myself and my motivations, what would really work for me, that is, I hate counting calories or points, I needed a simple list of things I could eat and a list of things I could not eat, so I did not have to I took more space in my day to calculate how many calories or points I had left that I could use. I have done this also with my approach to finding an online business.

Do – Follow the plan. It sounds simple and it is, but it is not always that easy. What I have discovered is that if I have really completed the first two stages of thought well, then I am more sure of acting. I am not working with lingering doubts in the back of my mind about the direction I am going and the action I must take to get there. I have solved all that. When a new problem or obstacle arises, I can review the process, get back in touch with the motivation, review the action plan and then continue with the appropriate action.

Applying all this to find the right online business for me has done wonders First I got in touch with my real needs, money and how much money, time and what I needed to prioritize and, most of all, what kind of life I wanted live and why. Knowing that, I was able to find a business that fit my priorities, style and personal composition. As with the diet, I needed something that did not require me to count every little detail, I needed some of that to do for me. It had to be simple to follow, with enough freedom to develop as I went. Knowing what I needed allowed me to find it. The last phase, to do, is much easier with the motivation and confidence that I have the right plan in place.

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