Extra Income Online – Do not Be a Freebie Junkie

One of the benefits for newbies in working at home is the large number of products, tools and information that can be found for free on the Internet. From simple versions of popular software to tutorials that teach the basics of each type of online work, it's amazing what you can get without taking your previous credit card.

The disadvantage is that, along with the valuable information, the sites and products are countless ebooks, reports and free downloads that have no value to you.

As a new marketer, you are hungry for information and especially for viable plans that you can follow to get started. Most newbies will tell you what they are looking for is a step-by-step plan, a plan, a method to earn online income that they can understand and follow.

The use of free information and the available tools is smart and profitable. However, if you are downloading everything you find for free, or reading each e-book of instructions and the report you find on blogs, sites and forums, you can damage your chances of success.

What's wrong with the free? Nothing, as long as the article is something you can use, written by someone who knows what you are talking about, and is not just a front for back-end sales of endless affiliate links.

Avoid getting free gifts, do not waste valuable time reading reports or watching videos meant only to promote a product for you. If you are focusing on learning to build your first website, ignore the products on other topics. They will be there when and if you need them later. Concentrate on what you need to know now, not on what you could do in the future.

Every useless free product you download (every email list you sign up for) takes time and you could spend time building your online business for additional revenue.

One of the worst tips you'll see is to sign up on all major vendor lists and read all emails. The theory is that you will learn from them (the reality is that you will spend the time you could use to build your own business) and buy products or download free products that are only a burden of time.

Do not be addicted to promotion. Spend that precious time building your business and selling your products – learning your extra income online!

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