Earn Money As Online Mock Juror

Earning money as a virtual online jury is an option for citizens of the United States. It is one of the best legitimate online jobs available.

You can register as a simulated jury online with ejury.com, jurytest.com, trialjuries.com and onlineverdict.com. These four websites do not allow an attorney or representatives of an insurance company to join as members of the online jury. The requirements to register as an online jury member include age over 18, and there is no conviction for a felony.

You can register on all websites and wait for the opportunity to earn money. The payment for each case varies according to the difficulty of the case. The payment ranges between five dollars and one hundred dollars per box.

The lawyer pays the websites for Online Mock Jors service to improve your case. As an online jury member, your duty is to provide honest comments. You and others will consider the case and come to a false verdict.

You must read the instructions and guidelines carefully. You have to understand everything about the case. As long as you demonstrate your ability to perform as a just and wise person, you will get more cases. As long as the courts are not exhausted soon, you will continue to earn money through this method.

Keep in mind that this is a real case. It involves real people. Take your paper seriously. The lawyer needs your honest opinion to strengthen the case, so that your client has a better opportunity. Since it is illegal for the District Attorney's Office to use this service, it is more likely that you are helping lawyers in private practice prepare their cases.

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