Earn Cash – Be a Blogger

In one day, we should hear these words frequently, blog or blogger. But how many of us are really aware of what a blogger does or what he should do? Well, a blogger is a person who has a blog of his own and knows how to turn it into a cash cow. Simply review any reputable search engine someday. And you will find that there are thousands of blogs in it. So, how will a blogger differentiate his blog from the rest? Now, that's the trap!

If you want to be a blogger and you are not very aware of the whole process, then wait. There are many things that require attention. The following list will make clear what a blogger should do:

Find the blog topic

Find relevant keywords

Content management

Adding Google AdSense

Article / blog marketing

Traffic Generation

Now, we will discuss each concept in detail:

Finding the blog topic: A blogger must understand what the readers want. A prudent blogger should be aware of what will interest the reader. He must find the relevant topic for the blog. For ex. movies, book reviews, health topics, beauty articles, etc.

Search for relevant keywords: it is important that you find relevant keywords. The keywords are the real heroes that will drive traffic to your site. Do not write only what comes to mind. First, look for the best paid keywords in the market and then start the content writing process. You can use the link provided below to know the relevance of the keywords.


Content management: the blogger must write alone or designate good writers to write for the blog. The writings should be interesting and should be well researched. The articles should not be too long or too short. Keywords should be used in articles naturally. It should not appear that you are simply typing to generate traffic. The main purpose of writing is to share knowledge, this should not be killed.

Adding Google AdSense: What is Google AdSense? Well, it's an advertising program. Google.com shows several ads on your blog after allowing it to do so. For this, you must add the AdSense tab in your blog. Here, the keywords will enter the image. The ads shown are mainly related to your keywords and content. After doing all this, you will be asked to market your blog / site. And a good marketing strategy will attract more traffic to your site so you can earn clicks on AdSense ads. This will generate some income for you. Is that how it works.

Blog Marketing: this is a very important stage of the whole process. But this is also tedious. Marketing is a long and continuous process. There are many strategies for blog marketing. You can resort to submitting articles in several popular directories. In addition, you can leave links back on various websites and blogs. Participating in forum discussions is also a popular method of blog / site marketing. The more links you have on the web pages, the greater the diversion of traffic.

Traffic generation: all the previous steps will generate traffic for your blog. And this will help you gain popularity and some AdSense revenue. If you manage to drive a lot of traffic to your blog / site, you will also receive offers from sponsors other than AdSense.

In this way you can earn cash. So, ready to be a blogger?

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