Drivers License Numbers – How to Search for a Person with a Drivers License Number

Sometimes you may have to find someone who, for some reason, has made it difficult to find them. They may have simply moved forward without a forwarding address, but they may also be deliberately hiding. It does not matter, it's hard to find it.

The reason why you are looking for someone does not matter. You may want to look for a person simply to get in touch with an old friend. But you may also be looking because, for example, you owe money or you need your help in a legal matter. Or you may be looking because you are considering hiring someone who needs to have a clean driving record.

The reasons why you have your license number may also vary. You can have your driver's license number because they had to provide you a copy to, for example, cash a check or sign a lease or apply for a job.

Regardless of why you have it or why you are looking for it, if you have someone's driver's license number, finding them or information about them can be much easier, though not necessarily free.

When looking for people when you have other details, it can often be as simple as writing the information in your favorite search engine, the likelihood of this working with a driver's license number is practically non-existent.

If you are verifying someone's records for employment purposes, you must access the records of the Motor Vehicle Registry. You can request another person's driving record and other related information, or you can use a third-party service. You also need the permission of the person who carries the driving record you are requesting. You can make your request in writing or in person from any DMV office or testing station.

On the other hand, if you are trying to find someone and do not have their permission, you will probably need the service of a private Detectives or specialized third party services, since such records are not made public to anyone without permission. There are exceptions to the permit requirement, such as use in court proceedings, but the use of a third party (be it a detective, a lawyer, etc.) will probably be worth it.

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