Does Rubbing Alcohol Help Eczema?

Pro for rubbing alcohol:

1. This is a very cheap eczema treatment. You can find treatments for eczema for more than $ 100 per month, payments in a good car only cost between $ 200 and $ 300! You can find alcohol at grocery stores and other convenience stores for less than ten dollars. All in all, you can count on spending less than twenty dollars a month treating your eczema if you choose this option. Pharmaceutical companies could devise an eczema product, use it as its main ingredient and sell it for five times the price,

2. This is a very strong treatment; It works by drying the skin, which makes the eczema less severe. There is no question of whether this treatment will work for you, the question is whether the possible side effects are worth it or not.

It is convenient to use this to treat eczema:

1. Alcohol is very strong, which is bad for many people. It will test your skin in an instant, routinely causing your skin to become scaly, dry and red. It will be painful and may even worsen your long-term eczema situation.

2. This is not meant to treat eczema. This means that not only will there be serious side effects, but there is no real evidence of how the treatment will coexist with the skin over time.

Isopropyl alcohol is a very cost-effective treatment that has been shown to work, which means you deserve to try it regardless of side effects.

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