Cheap Data Recovery

The average computer user has only a vague understanding of how their data is stored. They know they have this "hard drive thing" inside the computer and they know where their data is stored. That's all that goes for most users. Many do not even know what a hard drive looks like.

However, when faced with data loss, you quickly learn a lot about hard drives. Not only do you begin to understand how complex they are, but you also discover how costly it can be to recover your data. At least once a day, customers will ask "Why does it cost so much? I only paid $ 100 for my hard drive." Yes, data recovery can be so expensive. My answer is simply this: if you had a million dollars in a safe of $ 50, and could not get it … does it really matter how much you paid for the safe? Data recovery should only be sought if the value of the data exceeds the cost of recovery.

Data Recovery Costs

On average, an accredited data recovery company will charge from $ 400 to $ 700 for a logical recovery of the hard drive. A logical recovery is when the file system or the partition table becomes corrupted and the data becomes inaccessible. This may be due to an accidental format, electrical problems, viruses, etc. In some cases, physical problems with the unit can also cause this problem, especially if the unit has weak or degrading read / write heads. In general, a logical recovery can be performed without having to perform repairs on the unit.

Physical recoveries can be priced all over the place. It really only depends on who you call. A physical recovery actually requires that the hard drive undergo some type of repair before the actual data recovery process can begin. In most cases, a physical recovery involves exchanging the read / write heads, repairing the electronic components or transplanting the dishes. There are a handful of companies that are very capable to perform this type of recovery. However, one caveat: for every good company, there are probably another five dozen that will make the situation worse.

Budgeting the recovery of your data

If the data recovery is not in your Budget now, and the data is not time sensitive, one thing you can do is keep the disk stored in a safe place. This gives you time to save money for a competent laboratory to retrieve the data for you. You should find a laboratory that offers free evaluations and give you a firm written quotation before beginning the recovery process. That way, if the price ends up being too high, you can have the unit returned and you would know the exact amount you need to save to be able to make the recovery at a later date. It will not damage the unit, or make the chances of recovery less possible if the unit is stored somewhere while saving to recover it. Keep in mind that any trusted company will not charge you anything if the data can not be recovered. This is critical to verify with any company you contact. Consumers can be caught paying a lot of money for data recovery services, and even then they do not have their data when it is done. It is not uncommon for some companies to charge between $ 150 and $ 300 per share, lab fees, trial fees or whatever they want to call, even in cases where the data is not recoverable.

Things you can do yourself

If you suspect that your hard drive has failed, there are some things you can try on your own to avoid the costs of sending the unit to a recovery lab. data. First of all, if the unit clicks, hits or makes some unusual noise, you have no options to try. These cases definitely need a professional data recovery service. Regardless of what you read about putting units in freezers, opening them or whatever, everything you do in a case like this can only make the situation worse. If the unit makes any unusual noise, it is best to immediately turn off the unit.

If the unit sounds good, you can try it on another computer. It could be a problem with your motherboard, or even with the wiring of your computer. Make sure all connections are secure on the hard drive. If you do not know what to look for, see if you can find a family member with computer skills to help you.

If the unit is in an external enclosure, such as a backup hard drive, and no longer turns on, remove the unit from the enclosure. Check for signs of an electrical short. If it was serious enough, you will smell the burned electronics. In a case like this, you would need a data recovery professional. On most hard drives today, you can not simply replace damaged electronic cards from one hard drive to another. There is unique and adaptive information that is stored in several chips on these cards and you can not access the data without it.

If there are no obvious signs of physical damage to the unit, you may want to find another computer or another hard drive and try the unit on that. It may have been a problem with the drive housing that prevented the unit from turning on. If you still have problems, then you probably need a data recovery professional to help you.

Cheap data recovery

Try to avoid companies that are priced too low. You would not have brain surgery performed by the doctor who made the lowest offer, right? In a way, it's the same with data recovery. Consumers do not realize how difficult data recovery really is. Some information does not help, and often tempts users to try to perform the procedures themselves. YouTube videos, including those we have, one of which is titled Western Digital Head Swap simplify the process and make it look easy. Our videos were never meant to be instructive. They intended to give our customers an overview of the process when we repair hard drives for data recovery. Data recovery is much more than what will be shown in a video. If the data is worth it and many times our photos, commercial files and intellectual property are priceless, it will be worth it to go with a company that you trust. Not just a night flight company that says They can do it for $ 199. Sometimes, only the parts can cost a lot.

In conclusion, while data recovery can be expensive, cheap data recovery can cost you more in the long term. Do your homework, study the industry and choose a company with which you feel comfortable.

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