Can Rabbits Change Gender / Sex?

I have seen this question in many forums and over listened to breeders discussing the fact that their rabbit changed gender. In fact, the rabbits that have won awards at the ARBA conventions as a range, have shown up later only to discover that it was actually a dollar. Does this mean that a rabbit has changed sex?

Surprisingly in nature, there are some cases in which an animal can change its gender. Take for example a clown fish. Clown fish live in schools. Within that school there is a leadership structure led by a female clown. When that clownfish dies, the highest man in the leadership takes over the woman and changes the gender, including the reproductive functions. However, this is a rarity for this type of biological change to take place. In fact, there are even rarer cases of humans that have changed gender as a result of 5-alpha-reductase deficiency (5alpha-RD-2) or deficiency of 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17beta-HSD-3) ). [19659002] Rabbits do not fall into that strange and rare category of animals that change gender. A rabbit born a dollar, will be a dollar at 6 months, it will be a dollar a year. A rabbit that is born as a gazelle will be a gazelle and 6 months, it will be a cat a year.

At early ages it can be occasionally difficult for experienced breeders, and even more difficult for inexperienced breeders to have sex with a rabbit. Most "changed sex" rabbits are actually the result of rabbits misunderstood by the breeder. We have rarely made this mistake. Usually, you can trust a breeder that you have been breeding for several years.

There are other factors that can contribute to a rabbit having inappropriate sexual relations. A dollar with a split penis will often be sexed as a range. The use of unreliable techniques to determine a rabbit's gender will often result in errors. Soon we will have an article on how to properly sex a rabbit.

The conclusion is that it is genetically impossible for a rabbit to change gender. The next time you hear that, remember, it's a rabbit that was not correctly sexed.

Rob Usakowski

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