Bring a Strategic Focus Back Into Marketing

To decide on the strategic approach to marketing your product, ask yourself a simple question. What "problem" do my potential customers face?

This can be a challenge for both business and marketing specialists. It is vital to develop a message that demonstrates that your product solves the "problem" of your customers. Whether it's a website, an ad or any marketing material, your marketing communication needs to intelligently and persuasively address your needs: no one will buy a solution to a problem you do not have, it's that simple.

A common mistake I see is that companies are simply too close to their own products when they think about how to sell. They get stuck in the feature / benefit components and do not take the time to think about the person on the other side of the communication and how their product can work for them.

Potential purchases do not have time to discover product lists or complicated features and how they apply to them. Design a marketing strategy that says & # 39; Let's solve your problem & # 39; better than anyone else is the clearest and most convincing message possible.

When you think about it, & # 39; solve problems & # 39; It is the reason why the business started in the first place. All the best products start with an intimate understanding of a market, a problem is identified and a solution is developed. The icing on the cake is a great marketing idea that hits the nail in the head. The main brands achieve this by encapsulating their differentiated value in a single slogan, one that people remember.

A "problem" solved by Apple

A great example of marketing is the Apple Inc. iPod. When developing the product, they focused clearly on the end-user experience. Apple identified a problem: in an increasingly mobile world, people were restricted from taking their personal music collection on the fly.

Your marketing message helped solve this & # 39; problem & # 39; They used silhouettes of people enjoying their music with the iPod highlighted in white. The movement / dance, the clothing styles and the use of brightly colored backgrounds intelligently suggested that the person could be anywhere and in any place.

Remember, a product is as good as the problem it solves and only the right marketing message can help you get the sales results you want.

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