Adsense Income – Other Alternatives You Can Explore

Adsense is a great way to earn extra money if you have the time and patience to learn from those who have experience and if you are prepared to try new aspects and positions within your website.

But AdSense is not the only advertising partner you can partner with to earn a successful online income. If you can earn money with AdSense, you can also earn money with alternative methods.

Pay Per Click Advertising

AdSense has many other competitors and if for some reason you have been excluded from AdSense, then you probably have no choice but to consult them if you want to generate income in this way. .

Bidvertiser is very similar to AdSense in text ad format. It is reliably large and well known now with a good reputation for payment. Adbright, Chitika, Bidclix and Kanoodle are also worth a visit.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is another alternative or easy addition to AdSense, although you should be careful with the location if it is used together due to the AdSense terms of service. Like AdSense banner advertising, you generally pay per click, but some can pay per view, albeit with a much smaller amount.

Audience payment advertising

Another business model that is new, new and interesting is pay-for-audition advertising. You are paid to play a five-second ad on your website. The benefits of this advertising is that the audio ad is played automatically to pay all visitors who come to your website.

Both pay-per-click and pay-for-audition models add good diversification to your online wallet. Everyone is confident that you get traffic to your website, since that is the life force of your website.

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