6 Simple Tips to Get a Cheaper Car Insurance Rate

We are all being hit with these small economic struggles. Although things will improve, they always do, this can be a good time because it makes us take a closer look at our financial records of what we can have if things are working well and money flows. So along with the cable bill or the cell phone bill, trying to get a cheap rate when it comes to your car insurance should be on that list or things you may have to try and reduce to save you a few dollars. Here are 6 tips that can help you get cheaper car insurance:

# 1. Get a copy of your credit report
Incorrect or not, some of these companies look at these reports to see if Pay your bills on time or not. Whether it is right or not, it is a reality. Make sure you do not have defects in your credit report.

# 2. Skip collision coverage … if you dare
No, seriously, if you have a car that is very old or does not have a very expensive replacement cost, then you can go with Out of that. You could use the money you would save to buy a new car.

# 3. Compare
Duh. Not to say the obvious, but with the Internet there is really no excuse that you can not spend an hour or two to get different budgets or make a couple of phone calls.

# 4. High Deductible
A lot of people do not like to do this, but you can bet a little and go over your pocket if you had an accident. It may be like playing, but it would be worth investigating.

# 5. Discounts on low miles
Some companies will really give you discounts if you do not drive too much. Therefore, if you live near work or just do not drive frequently, ask your provider if they offer any type of discount. You can be pleasantly surprised.

# 6. Ask
Things change. Rates change They will not call you. You have to call them.

These are simple things, but if you only take a little time to read some of them, you may have a little more money at the end of the year.

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