2 Proven Ways to Stop Coming Fast During Sex

Learn how to stop coming fast during sex and you will automatically become the best sexual partner your wife has ever had. I bet your former lovers never had the ejaculatory control you can have by following the tips listed below.

Before the advice, think about the benefits of taking control of when you ejaculate. For starters, you will please your wife because you can last long enough to bring her to orgasm. Then there is the self-confidence that you will obtain and you will no longer feel inept in bed.

Anyway, enough of babbling, here are two ways to stop coming fast during sex. Your problem is mainly in your mind and denying your negative thoughts is what you should do. Do not worry, this is not a type of yoga or relaxation method. It simply means emptying your mind of any negative thoughts such as "how long before ejaculating" and replacing it with positive thoughts such as "I will give you the orgasm of your life tonight".

Then, when it's time for sex Remember that it's about your orgasm not yours. Putting it on for the first time can make it last a lot longer without even thinking about your problems.

2. This advice to stop coming fast is older than my grandmother, but it works. It's about training to ejaculate at will. You need to masturbate and stop just before you ejaculate, then apply firm pressure with your thumb and finger on the tip of the penis. Squeeze until all the sensations of orgasm have passed, then continue.

Follow two or three squeezes before letting you ejaculate. After a few days of training, you will discover that you can have complete control of ejaculation.

You owe it not only to yourself, but also to your wife to learn to stop going fast during sex.

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